Incident Investigation

Incident Investigation

When incidents happen in the workplace, it’s critical to learn what went wrong and examine all underlying factors, so that future incidents can be prevented.

At Machine Safety Consulting, we are proud to offer a comprehensive service for Incident Investigation.

We have been involved in the investigation and facilitation of analysis for many sensitive incidents. Our consultants will complete a thorough investigation either on-site or at an alternative venue should the circumstances require.

We use our expertise to support the control and management of sites, analyse evidence, prove or disprove incident scenarios, identify direct, surface and root causes of the incident, solve problems effectively and develop recommended procedures and safety programs to prevent recurring incidents.

Working with Machine Safety Consulting, following an incident, will help to improve workplace safety, reduce lost time due to accidents, maintain quality control standards and support continuous improvement.
With twenty years’ experience in the Australian machine safety sector, we help businesses investigate incidents impacting safety, the environment, production and reputation; and have experience in a wide range of industries.

Incident Investigation is available nationally.

Contact us today to find out how we can best assist you following an incident in your workplace.

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